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Here’s What You Get For Free After You Join Our Direct Cellars’ Team:

Marketing Dashboard

Every team member of ours gets their very own marketing dashboard, branded with their links and information.

Branded Marketing Material

Instantly brand and distribute our professionally designed informational PDF's to your team.

Email Autoresponder Series

Every team member gets a professionally written series of emails automatically incorporated into their Aweber account. (Aweber account required)

Affiliate Program

Every team member is automatically enrolled in our affiliate program. When someone not on our team wants in on our marketing system and joins from your link, you get a commission.


New Team Member’s Get To Select From A Variety of Landing Pages

Landing Page 1

My personal favorite. A clea,n, professional design with your Aweber form and email series ready to go!

Landing Page 2

This landing page is a little more descript yet flows nicely with a comfortable amount of information.

Landing Page 3

This landing page is more of a family oriented type landing page. It appeals to everyone so it’s a great one to use.

Landing Page 4

This landing page is descriptive page about Direct Cellars. Good for general use and a happy vibe.

If You're Already A Direct Cellars Member But Would Still Like To Use My Marketing System, Fill Out The Form.

For a small one-time fee of $47 and then $19 a month, you too can enjoy the benefits having your very own, branded to you marketing system. There's no long-term obligation and no penalty for cancelling at any time.

I work hard to earn the trust of my team member's and their teams, and I'll work equally as hard to help build your team. My marketing is unique in that I create each member's system one-by-one. It takes a little longer but the results are worth it. Not everyone knows how to setup a marketing system, hence the reason I actually work and build it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my Share The Wine, Share The Wealth Marketing system be ready?

When you join Direct Cellars and become a member of our team, your marketing system will be ready in approximately 24-48 hours.

How do I promote my opportunity (Direct Cellars) with my new marketing system?

Your marketing system will have a URL (a web address i.e. that you will use for ALL your marketing efforts. This URL will take your prospects exactly where they need to go and will start your Aweber email autoresponder follow up.

Do I need Aweber for my marketing system?

Yes. Aweber is an essential piece of the puzzle in order for your marketing system to be a success. In marketing on average, it takes approximately 9-10 touches to make a sale. My system will 'drip' 14 messages on your prospect over the course of a month to get your prospect in a buying mood.

If I don't join Direct Cellars under your tream, can I still use your marketing system?

Yes. This system takes me on average 1-2 hours to setup for every member regardless of whether you're on my team or not. Team members get this system for free for obvious reasons, non-members need to make a one time payment of $47 and the $19  a month to remain a member. You can cancel any time without penalty and there's no long-term commitment. SIGN UP HERE

Can I make any special requests to be placed into my marketing system?

Absolutely. I tend to every member's marketing system and will allow for approved edits as I see fit. Once you make a request for a change/addition, etc., depending on the request, I will quote an approximate price to you to make that edit. If you agree to the price, you will need to make that payment (non-refundable) immediately via PayPal before I begin the work and then you can expect the change to take place within 48 hours. If for some reason I'm responsible for NOT being able to make the edit, I will willingly refund your money.

I love your brandable PDF's. Can you make one unique for me if I provide the information?

Absolutely. My brandable PDF's are powerful marketing material and I'd be more than happy to assist in making one for you that's unique to your situation. you let me know what you're looking for and I'll quote you a price. After you make the initial negotiated deposit, I'll get to work on your PDF. Upon final approval by you, you'll provide the final payment via PayPal, I'll remove the watermark and you'll have your own, ready to distribute, brandable PDF. Haven't seen our brader? CHECK IT OUT HERE

How does your affiliate program work?

Anyone can be an affiliate for the Share The Wine, Share The Wealth marketing system. If you're not a member of our team, all you need to do is JOIN HERE. After you join you can start sending prospects that you think might be interested in using my marketing system. If they join using your link , you will receive a commission every month they remain a member.

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